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23 December 18:00 [Gmt +1]
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Welcome to ethania
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31.12.14 15:01:12 - Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year. We want to thank you for playing our server and making it a fun place as it is today, and we hope to see you playing in 2015!

Posted by God Ethania

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29.12.14 22:46:01 - Massive Team Battle - 30 December
Tomorrow, 30 December at 20:00 (gmt + 1), we will organize the Massive Team Battle event.

In this event there will be 2 teams fighting with against each other. Red Team vs Blue Team. This battle will continue up to 300 kills, the first team with 300 kills will be the winner!

We hope everyone that will enjoy this event. This event will be fun for the players hhat like Open Battles! Fill your backpacks with supplies and be there at the event at 20:00 (Gmt + 1)

Inside the event, The spells "Utana Vid" and "Utevo res ina" Spells will be disabled, also the Chameleon Rune will be disabled.

And the UE spells, and the wave spells will have an Exhaust of 10 seconds inside the event!

Time: it will take place at 30 December 2014 18:00 (gmt + 1)

Reward: 1x Vip coin for the players in the winning team

Share this message with all your friends and be there at the event start!

See you at!

Posted by God Ethania

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24.12.14 23:53:32 - First day and more!
e are happy to announce that we had more then 800 players online at the very first day of the server start. This is a great number of players.

In a few days, we are going to organize the "Massive Team Battle event" and the new battle event with 4 teams fighting with each other. This will be enjoyable for all the players that like teamfights. We will organize it in a few days. We would like to see everyone being online at that time!

If you are having any questions or you want to report a problem, or you have a question about the donations? You can always open a thread at the forums. We will help you as soon as possible :-)

Posted by God Ethania

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