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05.06.14 23:30:42 - Double Exp Weekend - 7th and 8th June
This weekend it will be Double Experience Weekend!

At 7 & 8 June you will receive 2x more experience from any monster!

So be online at Saturday 7 June and Sunday 8 June to get extra experience for every monster. Fill your bags with supplies and start the hunting! We hope everyone will enjoy this weekend and so we hope to see you playing this weekend!

Let all your friends know about the upcoming double experience weekend!

Happy Hunting and have fun!

See you in!

Posted by God Ethania

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16.05.14 18:36:54 - Double Exp Weekend - 17th and 18th May
Will you be playing Ethania this weekend on 17 and 18 May?

It will be double Experience due to the high amount of players online! The double experience weekend will be on Saturday 17th May and Sunday 18th May.
During this time you will receive twice as much experience from monsters!

Happy hunting!

Let your friends know about the Double Experience weekend. Let everyone enjoy 2x more exp the whole weekend :-)

See you in!

Posted by God Ethania

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09.05.14 02:22:24 - NEW Massive Quadra Battle Event!
Today, 9 may at 18:00 (Swedish time) we will organize a special event for the first time in history! Massive QUADRA Battle will be held at Ethania.

In this event there will be 4 teams fighting with each other. Red Team, Yellow Team, Blue Team and Green Team will all be enemys with each other and so they will be able to fight all along in the same battlefield till 300 frags! So, every member of a team can be killed of the members of any other team!

We hope everyone will enjoy this NEW event. This event will be even alot of funnier then the original Massive Team Battle event. We think that 4 different teams in one battle area could be twice the fun then 2 teams.

Inside the event, The spells "Utana Vid" and "Utevo res ina" Spells will be disabled, also the Chameleon Rune will be disabled.

And the UE spells, and the wave spells will have an Exhaust of 10 seconds inside the event!

Time: it will take place at 9 May 2014 18:00 (gmt + 1)

Share this message with all your friends and be there at the event start!

See you at!

Posted by God Ethania

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