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27 December 18:00 [Gmt +1]
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Death Hard

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Last Warning

1411 kills


1165 kills

True Resistence

1067 kills

Old Easy For You

942 kills

Cold Revenge

867 kills

Welcome to ethania
Last joined us: Harika, Welcome and wish you a nice game!
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01.02.14 21:59:06 - February 2nd: Double experience Sunday!

The double experience will be on Sunday 2nd February!
During this time you will receive 2x as much experience from monsters!

Happy hunting!

Posted by God Ethania

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29.01.14 23:18:05 - Map update
- We have added a new hunting ground on Gengia.
- This hunting ground will be launched at 30 January 18:00 [gmt +1].

Posted by God Ethania

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28.01.14 15:23:34 - Massive team battle event - 28 January
Brace yourselves warriors, Massive team battle event is about to start on land of ethania. red team will be fighting blue team until the end of 250 frags and the winning team will be awarded with items and glory! All you have to do is type !battle when u stand in protection zone to join the mighty battlefield and start conquerer. Minimum level of this war is level 80.

Time: it will take place on at 28 January 2014 20:00 (gmt + 1)

Reward: 1x Vip coin for all members in the winning team

Note: using multi-client will not reward you twice of the item. Highest level online at your computer will receive the reward if you are in the winning team!

See you at!

Posted by God Ethania

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