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Map:Real Map with 6 unique towns: Gengia + Oken + Pyre + Celeston + Asylum + Arkaron
PVP ProtectionLevel 80
Exp Stages 1 - 50 - 300x
51 - 80 - 200x
81 - 100 - 70x
101 - 130 - 30x
131 - 160 - 10x
161 - 180 - 4x
181 - 200 - 2x
201+ - 1x
Skill Rate: 20x
Magic Level Rate: 12x
Loot Rate: 3x
Houses Over 1200. You can buy them as soon as you get 75 level.
PVP Kills Red Skull
10 0kills / day
50 kills / week
140 kills / month

Black Skull
20 kills / day
100 kills / week
280 kills / month

We are showing 5 killers with most delivered damage but only 2 of them, with most damage delivered, gets a frag.
Server start Server starting on 14 October - 18:00 CET!
Working Quests
The New Frontier Quest
Children of the Revolution QuestYou can do solo 5th Mission (Phantom Army)
Wrath of the Emperor Quest
Royal Rescue Quest
Isle of Evil Quest
The Ape City Quest
Kissing a Pig Quest
A Fathers Burden Quest
An Interest In Botany Quest
Postman Quest
To Outfox a Fox Quest
Unnatural Selection Quest
The Spirit Will Get You Quest
An Uneasy Alliance Quest
Senja Castle Quest
Helmet of the Ancients Quest
The Pits of Inferno Quest
The Inquisition QuestJust final rooms
Tomes of Knowledge Quest
Dreamers Challenge Quest
Chazorai Arena Quest
Elemental Spheres Quest
In Service of Yalahar QuestJust final room (10th mission)
Firewalker Boots QuestStart from "Pythius the Rotten" mission
Reward: 100 small enchanted rubies to repair firewalker boots
The Demon Oak Quest
The Annihilator Quest
Demon Helmet Quest
Koshei the Deathless Quest
Draconia Quest
Barbarian Test Quest
Barbarian Arena Quest
The Paradox Tower Quest
Yakchal Mission
Vampire Shield Quest
Behemoth Quest
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
Necromancer Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
Crusader Helmet Quest
Fire Axe Quest
Dwarven Quest
Dwarven Armor Quest
Shadowthorn Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Naginata Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest
Black Knight Quest
Bright Sword Quest
The Desert Dungeon Quest
DTD Quest
Triangle Tower Quest
Lighthouse Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest
Crystal Wand Quest
Parchment Room Quest
Killing in the Name of... QuestAll tasks can be started by Grizzly Adams. You can repeat tasks. You can start 3 task at the same time. When a monster is killed, youll receive a message of how many already killed.
The Forgotten QuestDeep underground of Gengoth (check Venir)
Lands QuestFind 9 chests on the Lands and you will be able to get an extra reward!
6 chests are easy to find (2 of them are in cities), 2 chests are specially hidden and to find another one chest you will need 130 level and group of players.
Daily QuestQuest is located in VipLand. Dveryday there is different way to finish quest.

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